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  Tuesday, May 26, 2015
Hotel Housekeeping DepartmentThis department is instrumental in ensuring the cleanliness of the hotel and maintaining facilities in guestrooms, offices and public areas to provide maximum guest satisfaction.

Environmental Impacts
To maintain the cleanliness in the hotel, housekeeping department consumes different type of cleaning agents, most of them may not be environmental friendly in nature and also contributes a significant amount of soiled linen for laundry. Some of the significant environmental aspects caused due to housekeeping operations in the hotel are listed below.

Significant Environmental Aspects and Impacts Housekeeping Department

Various activities in Housekeeping


Environmental Impact

Significant Aspect

Cleaning of guest rooms, public areas, carpets, furniture, metal wares etc

Generation of solid waste, Consumption of hazardous chemicals as a cleaning agents

Land pollution

Release of non biodegradable chemicals

Replenishing the guest supplies in the rooms

Generation of used plastic bottles, soaps and soiled linen

Land pollution

Plastic waste

Benchmark for Housekeeping Department

This benchmarking tool will help the hotel to periodically monitor and measure the amount of biodegradable and non-biodegradable solid waste generated. This will lead to efficient management of solid waste (biodegradable can be treated and others can be sent for recycle, reuse, recover etc) to reduce the adverse environmental impacts. This tool can also lead to take decisions on the reduction of soiled linen generation. The
performance indicators for housekeeping department is

  • Soiled linen generated (Kg/occupied room/day)
  • Solid waste (gm/occupied room/day)

The above indicators are related to the good practices to enhance their energy and environment performance.