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Hand Made Paper Technologies and Products

TARA Mini Paper Recycling Plant
TARA Handmade Paper Products

TARA Mini Paper Recycling Plant

Women recycling using plant

Create wealth from waste!

Make your own stationery, certificates, gifts and exciting paper products like lampshades, bins, pencil holders and anything else that your imagination can create.Give a hands-on experience of environmental care in schools, colleges and voluntary organizations.

The TARA mini paper recycling plant has been especially designed to create widespread awareness of how each individual can help save our environment. It is a complete - yet uncomplicated - technology package with which even a child can turn waste paper and cotton rags into useful and valuable products. At the same time, it eliminates pollution.

The Process: Simple, safe but sophisticated

The raw material - which can range from used paper to waste cloth - is soaked in water and beaten to a pulp in an electrically powered mini-beater or hydrapulper. After two hours of beating and further dilution with water, the pulp is ready for making paper.

The pulp is transferred to a univat, mixed thoroughly and lifted with a unique deckle and mould frame system designed to lay it out in sheets of even thickness. The sheets are "couched" (stacked) on top of each other, separated by thin cotton felts. After squeezing out excess water by a screw press, the sheets of paper are separated and dried in the sun. The dry paper is polished with a calendering machine or a hot iron, after which it is ready for use or sale.

Any one can use the TARA paper recycling system: schools, colleges, voluntary agencies, youth centres, vocational training institutes. Even individual hobbyists at home.

The Equipment: Innovative, low cost and efficient

Hollander Beater: to make pulp by beating the cotton or waste paper inputs. It consists of a heavy, U-shaped trough in which a drum with multiple knives rotates rapidly to cut and chop the raw material.

Hydrapulper (Optional): which makes pulp quickly, but can handle only paper soaked in water, not cloth.

Univat: a clever device needing only a little skill to lift sheets of paper with uniform thickness: a tank fitted with deckle and mould which transfers the formed sheet onto cotton felt by the process of couching.

Screw Press:an efficient version of an age-old mechanism to create high pressure and to squeeze out excess water from a stack of newly formed (very wet) paper.

Calender Rollers: with two chilled cylinders rotating in opposite direction to give a smooth finish to the sheets of paper passed through them.

Technical Specification
Name of EquipmentSpecificationOne Charge SizeHPRPM
Hollander Beater09"x 6"29603Kg
Hydra Pulper*36"x 024"39606Kg
Hydra Pulper*18" x 012"29603Kg
Screw PressA3---
Calender*08" x 20"3960-


  • Area : 200 sq. ft.
  • Water : Potable
  • Power : 5 kW, 3 Phase

Tara Services

  • Feasibility reports
  • Plant and machinery
  • Technical training
  • After sales service

The TARA mini paper recycling unit is carefully engineered to eliminate the possibility of :

  • Personal injury
  • Chemical hazards
  • Health risks

TARA Handmade Paper Products

TARA, pioneers in handmade paper technology and machines. Premium quality TARA handmade paper is available in a wide range of colours, textures and strength.

TARA Handmade Paper & Paper Products are in high demand globally because of their eco-friendly attributes, aesthetic appeal and uniqueness. TARA's elegant, ready-to-use products made of handmade paper are:

Lamp Shade

Lamp Shade:

Lamp shade done out of metal frame and exotic range of TARA handmade paper. It is available in elegant designs and shapes with special patterns.

Slip Pad Box

Slip Pad Box:
A multipurpose box to keep message slips, coasters and other small articles. Available in square and rectangle shapes.

Gift Boxes:

Gift Boxes

A box set in three pieces nesting one into another. It adds an ethnic touch to your gifts for your dear ones.

Available in heart, semi-circled, hexagonal and oval shapes.

Paper Box

Paper Box:

Personal paper box to safely house your important documents and notes. It comes with pencil attachment.

Paper Stand / Bin

Pen Stand & Paper Bin:

A pen stand which stand apart has been done by using handmade paper in its full abundance of colours and shades to give a beautiful look to your table and to be a cosy home for your stationery articles. It comes in two different shapes - square and triangle.

Ready-to-assemble, beautiful paper folding bin for your waste papers.


Carry & Shopping Bags:

Done in very ethnic and indigenised way these bags reflect exclusive presentability to your products, corporate gifts, conference materials and are shoppers delight too.

A winebag is also available.

Picture Frames

Picture Frame:

Unique picture frames provide a beauty look to your photograph collection. It can be an ideal gift too to someone you love.

Other products in TARA standard range:

  • Letter pad set
  • Letter pad set cover
  • Envelopes
  • Diary
  • Message cube
  • Message cube box
  • Picture frame
  • Laptop box
  • Coaster
  • Conference files
  • Conference bags made of TARA handmade paper and TARA fabric

Technologies | Resources
Building Technologies | Handlooms and Accessories | Hand Made Paper Technologies and Products

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