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Handlooms and Accessories

The TARA Loom

Tara Loom

A breakthrough in handloom technology, the TARAloom offers:

  • High productivity
  • Superior quality fabric
  • Simplicity of operation.

A new generation weaving machine - the TARA Loom incorporates many advanced features to improve the efficiency of the weaver and the quality of the woven fabric with existing levels of operational skills.

The manually operated TARA Loom combines versatility with ease of operation. It is ergonomically designed so that it conforms to the traditional workmanship to produce more and better quality fabrics. The extraordinary performance is made possibly by the following innovative features:

  • Take - up mechanism with emergy roller for semi-automatic operation
  • Let-off mechanism for automatic tension control
  • Fly wheel and steel frame for higher efficiency

The TARA-Loom is an all in one machine which:

Operates without any vibrations at high speed (average 90 picks per minute). Weaves superior quality cloth of all yarns (cotton, wool, silk, and synthetics) Uses both mill and hand spun yarn.

Development of the TARA textile products has been supported by the Department of Science and Technology, Government of India.

RealMediaTARA-Loom and the TARA PIRNI
[RealMedia file. 2:08.5 min, 6.7 MB].

This video shows the TARA-Loom and the TARA PIRNI in action. Learn about their history, operation, impact and benefits.
NOTE: This requires RealPlayer, available for free download

The TARA PIRNI (Spindle)

The TARA PIRNI is a double spindle manually operated pirn winder which can be used to feed any kind of loom. The TARA PIRNI does what a traditional pirn winder does but better, faster, and more easily. It is more efficient and its output can easily supply sufficient bobbins / pirns because of its:

  • Double spindle
  • Balanced wheel drive
  • Mechanical tensioner
  • Traverse mechanism


  • winds two pirns with the same effort
  • gives uniform wrapping and winding tension
  • can use both hanks and cones
  • uses standard spare parts (e.g. bicycle wheels, spring tensioners).

TARA PIRNI produces twice as many pirns as the traditional pirn winder.

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